This Webinar is presented in association with the ICOM ICOFOM Special Project “Museums, Community Action and Decolonisation” (2020-2022).

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“It is a question of whether we can live an ethical life in a world in which our well-being, and our sense of self, is made dependent on the extraction from earth and on the suffering of others.”

(Rolando Vázquez, “Decolonial Pathways”, Decolonising the Curriculum in Museum and Heritage Studies webinar, University of St Andrews, 23rd April 2021).

Thursday 22nd April 2021

Chair: Dr Ana Sol González Rueda


Invited Speakers

Teaching and learning from Experimental Museology: reflections for undisciplined museum practice and theory

Professor Bruno Brulon Soares (UNIRIO Brazil; President of ICOFOM)

‘Community museums as spaces of decolonised university learning

Dr Lauran Bonilla-Merchev (University of Costa Rica)

‘Leave no one, and no museum, behind

Henry McGhie (

Friday 23rd April 2021

Chair – Dr Karen Brown 


Keynote Speakers

‘Teaching a master’s course on museums and Māori: Decolonising and indigenising museum studies in Aotearoa New Zealand

Awhina Tamarapa
(Teaching Fellow, former Māori curator at Te Papa Museum)
Professor Conal McCarthy
(Director of Museum and Heritage Studies, Victoria University, New Zealand)

Decolonial pathways’

Dr Rolando Vázquez
(University of Utrecht)

Chair: Emma Bond

Invited Speakers

Wayne Modest in conversation with Ana Sol González’

Dr Wayne Modest
(Head of the Research Center for Material Culture, World Culture Netherlands)

Community museums as intangible cultural heritage practice: decolonizing the Caribbean museology curriculum’

Alissandra Cummins
(Director, Barbados Museum and Historical Society)

‘Emancipation, Independence, Decolonising and Historicising: Our Process of “Becoming” in the Caribbean

Dr Heather Cateau
(Dean of Arts, The University of the West Indies St Augustine)


The Webinar Museums and Community Action: Decolonising the Curriculum is organised by the Museums, Galleries and Collections Institute School of the School of Art History, in association with the Centre for Amerindian, Latin American and Caribbean Studies located in Social Anthropology at the University of St Andrews in Scotland ( ; ). It follows on from an international seminar series on the topic of “Museums, Community Action and Decolonisation” held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: ( experience-museums-community-action-and-decolonization/) supported by an ICOM SAREC Special Project. Bibliographic research has been supported by the University Undergraduate Research Assistance scheme (James Rowland)

This Webinar is organised by Karen Brown, Jamie Allan Brown and Ana S González Rueda, along with an interdisciplinary scientific committee drawn from the University of St Andrews (USTAN) and international partners: Richard Bates (USTAN), Emma Bond (USTAN), Bruno Brulon Soares (UNIRIO Brazil), Heather Cateau (The UWI Trinidad and Tobago), Alissandra Cummins (Barbados Museum and Historical Society), Ana Paola Gutierrez Garza (USTAN), Elgidius Ichumbaki (University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania), Nicôle Meehan (USTAN), Natalie Urquhart (Cayman Islands National Museum), Karin Weil (Austral Univeristy of Chile).

Information about 30 years of Museum and Gallery Studies at St Andrews (Agnès Bos, Karen Brown, Kate Keohane, Nicôle Meehan, Ulrike Weiss) can be found here